The Genesis Flood – Where Did the Water Come From?

Different Additional Water Sources

The Genesis Flood reached a top of 15 cubits above the best mountain on earth.

Gen. 7:17 And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters elevated, and naked up the ark, and it was raise up above the earth.

Gen. 7:18 And the waters prevailed, and have been elevated drastically upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters.

Gen. 7:19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all of the excessive hills, that have been below the entire heaven, have been coated.

Gen. 7:20 Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains have been coated.

By Sir Isaac Newton’s definition of a cubit, that’s greater than 30 ft. Many geologists who imagine the literal account of the Genesis Flood are satisfied that a lot of the heaving up of the excessive mountains might have occurred after the waters stopped rising, in order that the depth of the water might have been far lower than it must be to do this identical factor immediately. Others really feel that the elevating of the mountains was brought on by the break water point of the fountains of the deep when the gushing out of excessive strain, juvenile waters have been inflicting volcanic and earthquake exercise. (Juvenile waters are the younger waters or the waters simply newly launched to the ambiance from their tomb below the earth’s crust.) In any occasion, even on the decrease mountain ranges, it took an unimaginable quantity of water to cowl the earth in that method. The place did the additional water come from? Is it in any method cheap to imagine that a lot further water might have been discovered to trigger such a phenomenon?

Loads of Water for the Flood

However notions on the contrary by opportunistic historic geologists and different atheistic scientists who imagine that the Biblical account is susceptible at this level, there have been such water sources. Not solely that, however an understanding of the place the water got here from and the place it went to after the Flood matches completely into the Biblical document and the geological document that we observe immediately.

No Rain within the Antediluvian World

Within the Antediluvian world there had been no rain. A mist went up each morning and watered the entire face of the earth. Each one who has studied the fossils is pressured to agree that the entire earth was as soon as a lot hotter than it’s now. The Polar Areas have been as soon as lush grasslands. The coal deposits bear historic document that wealthy vegetation flourished on the earth within the early days. One coal deposit, it’s typically agreed, bears document of a layer of vegetation 400 ft thick. This vegetation, we imagine, was swept into place by the flood waters and buried by sediment. Even so, the provision of such vegetation speaks of a time when the earth was coated rather more deeply in richer soils, and the local weather was such that it grew in a lot larger density. The unimaginable Mammoth grave yards within the Polar Areas and of Siberia and Alaska (a matter which historic geologists, historic paleontologists, and proponents of the evolutionary concept all the time understate and play down) testify that considerable animal life was grazing in what have been then tropical areas when the swift and catastrophic Flood stumbled on them.

The Nice Moisture Cover

This stuff inform us of a cover of moisture that surrounded the earth, holding within the radiant warmth and filtering out dangerous radiation from the solar. Some scientists have put forth the idea that such a filtering out of the dangerous rays might account for the nice longevity of the ancients. The falling of the cover allowed dangerous rays to achieve the earth in larger amount and focus, and this began the gradual discount of longevity. Orthodox theologians are content material on this topic to say that the shortening of the years was as a result of God’s judgement and mercy. We think about different, extra apologetic explanations to be a weakening of that Biblical fact. However in any case, most all agree that the water cover was there.

The Waters Above the Firmament

Some scientists imagine that that is the which means of Genesis 1:7. This, they really feel, is telling us that there was a cover of water within the earth’s ambiance. Different Orthodox Christian Theologians don’t imagine that this may be the which means of Genesis 1:7, or at the very least not the entire which means. Genesis 1:15 says that the waters are above the solar, the moon and the celebs as a result of the waters have been above the firmament and the solar, the moon, and the celebs are within the firmament.

The Nice River and the 4 Rivers

The evident conclusion that one attracts from Genesis 2:5, 6, and 10 is that an important river flowed out of the earth, watered the Backyard, flowed out of the Backyard, and divided into 4 massive rivers that went forth into the entire earth that was all one related land mass in these days (and sure, there are geological and paleontological testimonies to help this too). From these rivers a mist rose up each morning and watered the entire floor. Granted it was not an intense irrigation, however then if it occurred on daily basis the bottom didn’t should be soaked. The local weather was tropical and the temperatures have been very heat. On this method a cover of water vapor was lifted up and suspended within the ambiance.

The Water-Bearing Capability of the Thermosphere

It’s universally acknowledged that air at about 80 miles up could be very sizzling – from 100 to 3000 levels Fahrenheit. Because of this it’s known as the Thermosphere. At such temperatures it could possibly maintain great volumes of water vapor. For the reason that water vapor doesn’t displace the air, the quantity of water that may be suspended isn’t decided by the quantity of air current in the identical area. Water vapor weighs solely 0.622% as a lot as air. With out nuclei of condensation (particles for rain drops to type on) the water vapor would keep suspended indefinitely. The most typical condensation nuclei is salt from the ocean and since there was no rain-and-evaporation cycle to raise the salt from the ocean (if certainly there was any salt to talk of within the antediluvian sea; a a lot smaller physique of water and much much less turbid than the post-diluvian ocean as a result of there was no runoff from the land into the ocean) there was nothing to trigger it to rain. Such water vapor is clear and can’t be seen, nevertheless it does filter out dangerous solar rays. There was loads of room within the ambiance for the quantity of water wanted to trigger the flood, to be suspended as a cover. Morris -Whitcomb says, in The Genesis Flood, web page 256:

“There isn’t any query {that a} vapor blanket of indefinitely nice extent could possibly be supported by the decrease ambiance…. Moreover, the quantity of vapor that could possibly be maintained in any given quantity of area within the vapor blanket wouldn’t be considerably affected by the presence of air or different gases within the area.”

Different Additional Water Sources

One other supply of monumental portions of water was the mammoth subterranean swimming pools trapped below the non-fractured seal of the earth’s crust. When the fountains of the deep have been damaged up, most likely by volcanic motion and earthquakes cracking the crust, nice volumes of high-pressure water rushed out. In line with Genesis 8, verse 2, this releasing of subterranean waters from the earth’s crust went on for forty days–or at the very least synonymous with the closing of the home windows of heaven–before the fountains of the deep have been stopped. Once more I quote from Morris-Whitcomb and The Genesis Flood, web page 122:

“Nice volcanic explosions and eruptions are clearly implied within the assertion, ‘all of the fountains of the deep have been damaged up.’ This should imply that nice portions of liquids, maybe liquid rocks of magmas, in addition to water (most likely steam), had been confined below nice strain under the floor rock construction of the earth because the time of its formation and that this mass now burst forth by means of nice fountains, most likely each on lands and below the seas.”

So the water essential to flood the entire earth to a depth of 30 or extra ft above the best mountain got here from the great cover of water vapor surrounding the earth; and from the water described by the Bible because the fountains of the deep–in different phrases, waters saved beneath the earth’s crust and launched by upheavals, earthquakes, and volcanic exercise. That is certainly what the Bible says: “The home windows of heaven have been opened and the fountains of the deep have been damaged up.”

What brought on the cover of water vapor to fall? God brought on it to fall as a judgement. Are there any pure causes He might need used that we’re conscious of? The method might have been triggered by something that may have launched particles into the vapors. That would come with things like a meteor bathe. Air pollution from the large inhabitants of the earth lastly reaching to these heights might have been concerned. Or maybe mud from an important volcano, the eruption of which was timed by God for this occasion. However this stuff aren’t identified to us and it isn’t essential to know them or we might have been instructed.

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