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M-tor Stack is crazy strong increases protein synthesis and bcaa extreme gives you 12 grams per serving. Tren Xtreme is a powerful test booster 3 caps per day and Alive crazy strong pre workout start of half scoop. The average gain is 10 pounds with not water weight. We are giving this special deal in hope you will tell a friend. buy here or call us 505-294-4828

Mtor Stack Consiste Of:

- 30 Serving BCAA Xtreme - This product is 12grams of bcaa's per serving 8-2-2 ratio, 8grams of leucine per dosage.                4 containers of standard bcaa's on the market equals 1 container of BCAA Xtreme. 

- Mtor is a 90ct very powerful anabolic product that helps with protein synthesis. The only way to pack on lean muscle fast is to be anabolic. Mtor increase your uptake of amino acids (protein) all the protein you intake is used up. 

- Tren Xtreme is a power pro-testosterone that will increase your own production of the powerful hormone testosterone. 

- Alive HyperDrive is pre-workout like no other! Why is this so important as part of this stack. Because if your going to be anabolic than you must have intense workouts. Intensity in the gym is everything. 

The average gain while doing this cycle for 4 weeks is 8-18pounds. You can do up to 8 weeks on this program. 


Comes with bluespberry alive