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  • Advantage 7 is the best way to loss weight with over 50 weight loss studies and 7 weight loss stages. By Max Drive Nutrition 


STAGE 1 & 2: Key ingredients concentrates on appetite control & Lipolysis activation by 98% concentration of Sclareolide, a chemical found in the plant Salvia Sclarea or Clary Sage. The plant has a variety of traditional uses including supporting proper immune health. Sclareolid supports enchanced levels of a key intracellular compound called cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophos- phate). The release of cAMP supports an increase in the rate of lipolysis activity. cAMP stimulates the release of fatty acids from the body’s adipose stores. An integral part of energy metabolism. cAMP can help the body produce more energy through the breakdown of those liberated fat stores and through thermogenesis. (This Ingredient does not, direct effect beta adreno-re- ceptors). 2nd key ingredient is Patented ingredient comprised of three potent Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) inhibitors: Green Tea, Tuber Fleeceflower and Parasitic Loranthus (Patent No. 7,674,484). Research suggests that Green Tea, Tuber Fleeceflower and Parasitic Loranthus are among the most potent FAS inhibitors. FAS is an enzyme that produces fatty acids which can be used as high energy fuel for tissue during intense exercise or more commonly stored in fat cells as triacylglycerol. When FAS is inhibited, the body’s ability to form fatty acids for storage is limited which may lead to appetite and weight reduction. Several studies have identified this ingredients as being one of the most potent FAS inhibitors, showing inhibitory ability upwards of 80% in test subjects. Participants experienced decreased food intake by 15.1%

STAGE 2 & 3: This stage Concentrates on Fat Oxida- tion, Increases REE and Reduces age REE. It also specializes in an enzyme blend optimized for releasing Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine and Glutamine which will specifically help maintain lean muscle tissue during low calorie deficits. Key ingredients Diydrocapsiate is the power house of ingredient in Advantage 7. How it works? By raising your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) : The amount of calories required for a 24-hour period by the body during resting conditions. Accounts for up to 60% of calories burned by the body and increases with an increase in metabolic rate REE slowly decreases as we age Men: REE = ~1600 kCal at age 18, ~1250 kCal by age 70. Women: REE = ~1250 kCal at age 18, ~1000 kCal by age 70 Leftover calories can be converted to fat →weight gain. Therefore, if a person eats and exercises exactly the same as they did 10 years ago, they will still gain weight! Over 15 pounds.
STAGE 5 & 6: Concentrates on Thermogenesis, Lipolysis activities & Energy. AdvantraZ is an extract of a citrus fruit (C. aurantium) containing a family of indirect-acting adrenergic amines (B-sym- pathicomimetics) that facilitate utilization of energy substrates, stimulate metabolic processes, favor uptake of amino acids into muscle, increase lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and can exert mild hunger-suppres- sant effects. Advantra Z® is a patented thermogenic ingredient for weight loss and physical performance. 
Stage 7 of Advantage 7 weight loss system concentrates on shedding off water retention.